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3 Best Ways to Burn Belly Fat by Cycling

Cycling can help you lose weight. Training in the Bay will help you to achieve all your fitness goals faster than you can ever imagine. It is not easy to burn belly fat. Experts say that although sit-ups and stomach crunches will improve core strength and build muscle, they won’t remove fat. To get the fat, you will need a more holistic approach that burns calories. Cycling remains an effective way of losing the high volume of belly fat.


Cycling not only gets your heart rate up but also has the capacity to burn the significant number of calories. Health experts say that regular cycling can burn more calories. The more calories you burn, the more you will burn the fat stored in your body, including your belly fat, in so far as you are eating the right kind of foods.


Having too much weight or fat around your waist will be highly detrimental to your health. Belly fat has been linked to series of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so on.


In this article, we will show you how and why your bike can help you in burning more calories. This is the right article for you if losing weight is your goal. Here are top 3 tips:

Post-cycling rest and recuperation


According to a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente Centre for Health Research in Portland, United States, those who slept between six to eight hours every night has the potential to be more successful in their weightless gain. A good night rest is great for post-cycling rest and recuperation.


Evidence from the Journal cell metabolism says that eating later in the evening is not good for your body; it will make your body to hold onto more calories than required. If you have a good day of cycling, you will surely enjoy a great night rest. Grab your bike right now, get out there, and burn the belly fat to the barest minimum.


Try to burn more fat

Research shows that combining aerobic exercises like cycling can truly improve the calorie burn. Muscles burn more calories, that is why the more you engage in cycling, the more calories you will be burning.


To lose belly fat, you must lose weight. Experts say that an exercise program and healthy diet remains effective methods of reducing your belly fat. Cycling helps you to Lose Weight in your thighs and waist. The best way to lose weight is by burning more calories than you eat.


Commuting with your bike to work both might be a great way to lose belly fat. The key here is to be consistent with this exercise routine. If you are consistent, within the shortest possible time, you will be seeing awesome changes in your heart rate. Weight loss is possible if you do the right things.

Instead of riding your bike four or five hours a week, it would be more effective if you can ride your bike one hour five or six days a week. It may sound like rocket science for most people, but the more you ride on your bike, the more belly fat you will lose, and the healthier you will become, that’s just the secret.


Be consistent, don’t relent and if you can, try to join a ride group. Keep in mind that if you ride for a longer period, you will become hungrier, so you really need to eat enough foods. This will avoid post- ride snacking.


Supercharge your cycling


Are you thinking about supercharging your cycling? Here are top reasons why you should get on your bike this season. Cycling boosts your mood and improves your confidence. Cycling helps people suffering from depression to get better. Cycling promotes weight loss.


Cycling builds muscle. This implies that it doesn’t burn fat; rather it builds muscle especially around the glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves. When you engage in cycling, you will develop a high level of the derriere.


Health experts say that cycling is one of the great ways of cutting down your risk of developing illnesses such as cancer and heart-related diseases. Cycling is low impact. For instance, running is weight bearing, while cycling is not.


Cycling saves lots of time, and improves your navigational skills; improve your sex life, boost your brain power, strengthen your immune system, and grow your social circle. You will never regret engaging in cycling.


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  • Odell McCGarrett

    I love cycling too. I stop riding because of hip irritation more than the fatigue. I can go far and hope to keep being able to ride and stop the non muscular pain that limits my distance goals. It is an awesome feeling being a grown ,mature man and can still get down.

    • Mark Barton

      hi odell keep up the cycling and if you are having hip pain , see your local cycle store for a professional bike fitting, it makes a huge difference, especially saddle height correctness is most important but reach and believe it or not you may need additional ‘washers ‘ on you pedals (i did) to align your legs better when peddling. If purchasing a new bike from someone like a GIant dealer a bike fit is free.

      • Odell McCGarrett

        Thanks bro

  • Abril Agranier

    Hi, my friends, I am on this diet: => the2weekdietnow. com <= (Google it)
    It is a diet that helped me lose 5 pounds in 1 week.

  • Mark Barton

    totally agree..I have been commuting to work by bike for the past three years each and every working day , in all weathers spring, summer, autumn and winter. I cycle between 85-95 miles per week and have clocked up 13,000 miles in three years of cycling. I lost 3KG in weight and kept that weight off. I don’t worry too much about calories but with the calories I burn I consistently eat less calories than my daily 2500 allowance. I have the odd treat , which cyclist doesn’t like a cake and coffee!!. I sleep 7-8 hours without issues, more alert and feel fitter at 55 than i did 10-15 years ago. Do a little each day and fit into your daily routine. I got rid of my car commute because i arrive faster and fitter and on a bike and i’ve never looked back…give it a go you won’t regret it!!

    • John Spencer

      Nice, that’s the kind of reply I wanted to hear.