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25 Easy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Fast

There are hundreds of tips for weight loss success, but they all boil down to a handful of beneficial hacks that truly give the results.

We have narrowed down these weight loss tips to 25 easy yet effective ways that are proven to help in losing weight. Check them out!


1. Skip the smear

Avoid adding butter or cream cheese on the plain bagel. Instead, go for flavored versions such as cinnamon raisin bagel and salt.

2. Try baked chips

Looking for an easy snack? Instead of tortilla chips and guacamole that give about 230 calories, you should try a baked version that contains salsa. That way you’ll reduce calories to 130.

3. Avoid bottled dressing

Skip the full-fat bottled version, which sets you back roughly 150 calories with two tablespoons. Swap it for a fat-free version of dressing that is only about 40 calories.

4. Go meatless

Generally speaking, vegetarians are thinner than meat-eating people. If you want to have lower body weight, consider following their lead as long as you lose 10 pounds at least.

5. Halve your portions

By dividing your typical portion into two smaller ones, you will save your food for later. By the way, you can feel full with fewer portions than you think.

6. Get fresh

Remove packaged foods from your diet and include fresh ingredients you have prepared by yourself. No cans, boxes, cartons, and bags allowed.

7. Water yourself

Research reveals that dieters guzzling a lot of water lose more weight compared to those people who don’t drink enough water. So, make sure to water yourself throughout the day.

8. Exclude milk from tomato soup

By adding milk into tomato soup, you will get around 160 calories. Instead, consider heating up and sipping a cup of calcium-rich vegetable juice to reduce the nutritional value of your soup to 50 calories.

9. Pass up the chocolate bars

A 1.5-ounce serving may soothe a sweet tooth, but in turn, it will set you back 220 calories. There are quite a few good alternatives to chocolate bars, such as hard candies and jelly beans, which imply fewer calories while soothing craving for sweets.

10. Remove skin from chicken

Eating chicken skin may add about 100 calories to your meal. So, if you’re on a weight-loss plan, get rid of it after cooking.

11. Not so sweet

It’s common knowledge that sugar is not healthy. Nevertheless, you can find it in many sneaky places when starting to read labels. Your best choice is to completely remove the sugar from your diet.

12. Skip the canned versions

Replace the canned cream corn with corn on the cob for fewer calories.

13. Reduce peanut butter

When you make a jelly sandwich, cut down on peanut butter. Same goes for other meals that include peanut butter.

14. Cut down the flour

Try to eliminate floury foods, including pastries and white bread. That’s a good way to kick off the weight loss plan.

15. Eat at home

Meals prepared away from home are typically more calories. This particularly applies to fast food. That is why you need to make meals with wholesome, clean ingredients at your home.


16. Go to the gym

Running to the gym two times a week is a great way to burn calories and stay slim. Moreover, it will help you get in shape too.

17. Train for a race

Having a specific athletic goal can motivate you to start exercising regularly. Turn your stroll into a run for the best results.

Alternatively, if you don’t like running, get yourself an affordable hybrid bike and work your way up to cycling a few miles. This will really get your “gears” going!

18. Up the incline

If you are one of those people who prefer running on a treadmill, try increasing the incline by 2-3 percent. This simple change can make a big difference to your workout.

19. Move your arms

The elliptical workout at the gym is a good way to lose weight. Be sure to use the handles while working on the machine so as to pump your arms and get the most out of your workouts.

20. Join a local sports league

Do you like to play softball? If so, find a local sports league that fits you best and join it.


21. Use the stairs

Head to the stairs instead of riding an elevator. By spending about ten minutes daily taking the stairs, you can burn approximately 80 calories. That’s about 500 calories per week.

22. Have a standing date

It’s a good idea to add a standing date to your weekly routine. That will allow you to have active outings with your family member, spouse or friend. Go for shopping, practice weekend hike, visit boot camp class, and the like.

23. De-stress

Stress can wreak havoc with your metabolism, making your body burn fewer calories. There are a lot of ways to de-stress. Go for a walk, do yoga, create a relaxing room environment, take a bath, etc.

24. Sleep it off

Research shows that losing about 30 minutes of sleep increases the risk of obesity by 17%. People who do not get enough sleep are inclined to eat more. Do yourself a favor and get plenty of night sleep.

25. Abandon your car

Bike or walk to your workplace for a slimming purpose. This small tweak to your regular routine will shed 10 pounds of your weight over time.

Our Final Say

That’s all we have for now on ways to lose 10 pounds fast.

What’s been working for you? Share with us below!