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15 Super Foods to Help You Lose Weight Fast

Many people believe that it is a sin to eat while they are on diet to lose weight. Well, it is not totally wrong. But realistically, if we don’t eat, we would die. Eating is a part of diet. So it is your food choice that determines your success on weight loss program.

There are some kind of foods considered as “super foods” because of their marvelous effect on our body. It is not only about making us healthy or the fact that they are thought to be precious in the past. The super foods are unbelievably rich in nutrition and they provide enough energy supply even though they are consumed in moderate or little amount.

Fortunately, the super foods can be easily found around us. You can buy them at the market. Another plus point is that they are feasible. You can buy several of them then use your creativity to combine them into delicious cooked food.

Here are 15 super foods for helping you in weight loss program. Just remember that eating super foods alone cannot give maximum effect. You also have to keep exercising regularly.

1. Eggs

eggsMost of us may consider eggs as food containing fat and calories so they should be avoided in weight loss program. Contrary to popular believe, eggs are recommended for people on diet. They are the-must foods provided on your daily meal. The fact is, eggs are rich in protein which can make your tummy full and prevent from instant hunger after eating. Besides, eggs are surprisingly low calorie.

2. Green Tea

green-teaGreen tea is an obligatory food (or drink) for people who want to lose their weight. It is usually brewed and served plainly for drinking. It is best to drink green tea without any additional sweetener like sugar but you can add honey in moderate amount. You can also make green tea in other kind of foods every now and then. You can use green tea for cookies or you can make green tea latte if you want some variation in enjoying green tea.

This super food is proven to have epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The substance can reduce the amount of fat in your body and it functions as appetite supressant.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin-seedsThe simplest way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is to get dried pumpkin seeds. You can eat them as daily snack without worrying about your weight. One thing to remember is that you should choose the dried pumpkin with original taste without superflous additional spices or salt. Another way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is by cooking them into soup. You can combine them with cheese and vegetables.

Pumpkin seeds have rich composition of zinc, iron, and magnesium. Zinc is known as an effective fat burner substance while iron and magnesium can boost your energy. Of course, pumpkin seeds are low calorie.

4. Coconut Oil

raw-white-organic-coconut-oilYou can use coconut oil to fry as substitute of olive oil. Besides of its more feasible price, coconut oil is realively easier to get than the olive oil.

Eating too many fried foods are actually prohibitted for people who want to lose weight. However, it is okay to consume fried foods every once in a while so you are not get bored of plain diet foods. You can also add some coconut oil into salad.

Coconut oil has saturated fatty acid. It is a good fat which helps you increase metabolism. Saturated fatty acid will not make you fatter.

5. Apples

applesYou can eat them as raw fruit for breakfast or lunch. But if you want some variation, you can make apples into juice, pudding, or pie. You can also find some dried apples for snacks. They are not only tasty, but also healthy.

Apples are the-must consumed foods if you are in weight loss program. They can prevent your boddy from getting fatter and maintain it in ideal shape and weight. Apple contains antioxidant to prevent free radicals in your body. Apples are rich in fiber to keep you full for a long time. Any kind of apples is good for you.

6. Avacados

two-half-of-cut-avocadoYou can make avocados into juice or simply eat them in as raw fruit. Just make sure that you choose the ripe ones. The unripe avocadoes are extremely bitter and not recommended to eat. You can also make guacamole from avocadoes. Simply blend avocadoes with garlic, jalapeno or chilli, salt, and tomato. Guacamole is great eaten with tacos, whole-grain bread, fish, or even pizza.

Avocadoes contain oleic acid which is useful for slow energy burner. As a result, you will get enough energy supply without the need of eating any other foods. That is why avocadoes are recommended to be eaten for breakfast and lunch. Avocadoes are also good for people suffering from diabetes because they are rich in insulin. Other useful substances in avocadoes include vitamins (C, K, B5, B6 and E) and potassium.

7. Black Beans

black-beansIf you are lazy enough to cook or do not have enough time to cook, the canned black beans is the alternative choice. You can simply put them into microwaves to warm up then eat them in an instant. If you like cooking, black beans can be made into soup, cookies, pudding, or fried black beans.

Black beans are good for weight loss because they contains fiber and protein. Both nutritious substances are known as appetite suppressant. Fiber maintain your digestive system’s health. Protein is a best source of energy supplier.

8. Blueberries

blueberryBlueberries are not only tasty, but also loss-weight friendly. You can eat them as much as you want without worrying about getting fat. You can make them into juice or smoothie, pudding, cake, or combine them with other fruits and vegetables in salad. Dried blueberries are good for daily snack.

One special thing about blueberries is that they contain antioxidant substance called catechins. As we know, antioxidant is a good free-radicals suppressant. Besides, blueberries are rich with vitamins like A and C. Blueberries can help you deal with belly fat and obesity.

9. Chia Seeds

chia-seedsChia seeds has unique flavor so they are suitable to be added into almost any food and drink. You can make infused water by soaking one-fourth cup of chia seeds into a liter of fresh water. You can add lemon, mint leaves, or grapes then leave them for 20-30 minutes before drinking. You can also make chia seeds as salad topping and dressing. Juice can be more tasty with some amount of chia seeds. You can also add them into breakfast cereals and smoothies.

Chia seeds have been well-known as super food since Aztec and Mayan era. The seeds contains high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acid, fiber, and protein. That is why chia seeds are good for increasing energy level and decreasing hunger.

10. Cinnamon

cinnamonCinnamon is not food for raw eating, even though you are free to do so. It is usually used as a compliment for cakes, most of Asian foods, tea, and even pudding. Cinnamon is a great taste booster for popular foods like pizzas and doughnuts.

Consuming a spoonful of cinnamon everyday is recommended to keep your body metabolism. You can stir cinnamon powder into hot water or tea then add some honey. People with diabetes are also suggested to consume cinnamon daily. It is believed to regulate blood sugar level as well as increase the metabolism of glucose.

11. Cocoa Nibs

arrangement-of-cocoa-beans-nibs-and-chocolateThese roasted cocoa bean product are great to be cooked in various ways. Their bitter taste gives uniqueness in every food they are in. You can add cocoa nibs into breakfast cereals, smoothies, pancakes, ice cream, pudding and even salad. Cocoa nibs are suitable for you who do not like sweet.

It is scientifically proven that cocoa nibs have more antioxidant than green tea does. Cocoa nibs are rich in healthy fat which help you stay full for a long period of time. Moreover, cocoa nibs have nutritious substance which can release serotonin and endorphins. Cocoa nibs are perfect for boosting your mood.

12. Salmon

salmonLoss-weight substance does not belong to vegetables alone. You can maintain your body weight by eating salmon fish. It is known that salmon is not only delicious but also rich with nutrition. Salmon is usually cooked into sushi, roasted salmon, fried salmon, or salmon burger. It seems like any salmon product is delicious.

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which function as appetite suppressant. Eating salmon can prevent you from much snacking. Even though salmon is not really cheap in price, eating salmon for variation in healthy diet is worth to try.

13. Sardines

fresh-raw-sardinesYou can easily find canned sardines then simply warm it for supper. Another way to eat sardines is by cooking the fresh ones into roasted or maybe fried. You can also make sushi from sardines. Sardine hot dog is delicious served with spicy topping.
Sardines are rich in omega-3 as well as protein. Nutritious substance in sardines is believed to decrease anxiety and nervous level. You can opt to eat it daily or merely some times in a week to help you lose weight.

14. Spinach

spinachYou can eat spinach as salad or make it into soup. Spinach can also combined with other loss-weight food like eggs, salmon, and sardines. Spinach is best cooked in moderate temperature to keep its nutrition.

Spinach contains thylakoids to prevent excessive hunger. Therefore, it will make you feel full in longer time. Spinach is also rich with fiber that is good for digestive system and metabolism.

15. Spirulina

bowl-of-spirulina-algae-powderSpirulina has gained its popularity for the past ten years. The blue-green microalgae is proven to have amazing health effect. They can also be made into various foods even though it may taste a bit strange for people who are not used to it. Spirulina can be processed into lemonade, cream combined with cashew, smoothies, cookies, salad dressing, pesto, and complimentary ingedient for omelette. Spirulina can come in supplement tablets as well.

Spirulina is a powerful substance to prevent food craving. It contains high level of vitamins, protein, and mineral. One thing you should consider is that make sure that you choose the purely organic spirulina. It is because spirulina absorbs toxic in the water where it lives. It is important to get spirulina which grows in pure water.

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