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10 Must-Read Beginner Workout Tips

You’re finally ready to turn the page and get on the fitness track to becoming your very best self. However, that doesn’t exactly consist of just lacing up your sneakers and getting there – regardless of whether you’re a casual exercise fan looking to sweat more often, or brand new in the fitness world struggling to find the inspiration and motivation, it’s a process and it will take time, effort and the must-read tips below.

Set a routine

Do some research and find out your body type, ideal weight and measurements, and discuss the exercise routine with your personal trainer or a gym instructor. A workout log is necessary for effective and responsible workouts, and it also redefines your motivation. Keeping a fitness track in your planner will not let you drift away from your long-term challenges and goals and will serve as a concrete form of reminder. 

A balanced diet

Clean eating and a balanced diet is the key to a successful fitness routine. The greener, the better and more effective in helping you lower your insulin levels and thus burn fats. However, stop believing in those diet myths and starving yourself with juices or low-calorie meals. Instead, invest in a detailed nutrition plan, including supplements in the shape of vitamins and proteins.

Stay hydrated

Our body loses a lot of water every day, and even more if we’re working out. Hence it’s of crucial importance that we’re constantly replenishing our bodies. Replace soft drinks or juice with fruit-flavored water for a delicious taste of hydration. Complete your gym bag with a shaker bottle that you can use for all forms of refreshment needs.

Get adequate gym clothes

You want a practical, comfortable, yet aesthetically pleasing outfit. Compression garments are made in such way as to follow the lines of your body precisely, and thus help boost the blood flow and make it easier to workout. And the most essential part of your workout gear is the sneakers, since during most exercises, your entire body weight is concentrated on your feet. This is why you need to choose your shoes wisely, and pair them with hypoallergenic soft women’s socks produced of fine bamboo yarn, which makes them not only good you, but for the planet as well.

Be active outside the gym as well

It’s important to adopt an active lifestyle outside your workout schedule as well. Try out a new hobby like skating, cycling or playing tennis. Fight the low energy levels typical for all beginners by incorporating minor, yet impactful activities in your daily life, like walking to work instead of commuting, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and even just dancing to a song while doing house chores.

Have a gym buddy

In case you’re lacking motivation or self-organization and discipline, you should think about getting a gym buddy. It could be a friend, colleague, family member, your partner, or simply a person you bonded with during your gym sessions. Company and competitions, followed by high fives, jokes and words of encouragement, are great motivational agents, especially for beginners.

Always stretch

Even though stretching seems non-efficient and sometimes boring and time-consuming, it’s a very important part of your gym session. In order to spare yourself some sore or pulled muscles, squeeze in 5 to 10 minutes of stretching pre and post workout. Moreover, activities that rely heavily on stretching, such as yoga, bring amazing results and help shape your body.

Have a recovery day

Gym enthusiasts sometimes tend to take it too far, but you should never risk your health for the sake of exercise. This is why you need to step back from time to time and take a day off. However, a light workout or a little bit of movement can boost your circulation and shorten recovery time, but if you’re completely hobbled, go ahead and rest.

Give yourself micro-challenges

There’s a great motivation trick called the five-minute rule. When you feel like quitting and simply not feeling it, give yourself a micro-challenge of five more minutes. For most people it works and they get pumped up for another five. You can use different techniques like increasing your running distance from 0.5 to 0.8 or pushing yourself to do just one more set in order to treat yourself with some guilt-free ice cream later that day.

Pat yourself on the back

Remind yourself of the effort and energy you’re putting in your workout routine and take a moment to be proud of it.

Making fitness a regular part of your lifestyle might seem like too much legwork (metaphorically and literally), but with the tips above, strong will and energy, it will feel less of a punishment, and more of an enjoyment.