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10 Methods To Get Ripped This Summer

Summertime is beach time! You want to look your best. You want to show your friends and family those 6am training sessions have been paying off and that fish and veggie diet was not just a fad.

Ok that is not you!? So you hit the snooze button a few times on those 6am gym wake-up calls and your “fish and veggie” diet was more like beer-battered fish and chips. Don’t fret, if you use these 10 methods you will find yourself looking your best by Labor Day.

It’s time to get you ripped

1. Eat more home-cooked meals: it’s way easier to monitor your food intake by knowing what you are eating, controlling portion size and eating healthier whole foods when you cook yourself.

2. Sprint: I recently wrote an article about the benefits sprinting has on burning fat and building muscle. There is simply no better exercise for you to do now that will cut you up. Now that Summer is here, there is no excuse not to hit the track

3. Switch up your workouts: I have said before that “routines are for lazy people.” They bore your muscles into submission. Your muscles forget to get stronger and burn fat–seriously! Switching things up leads to better, more timely results.

4. Stop “targeting” trouble areas: I get the question all the time, “how do I take care of this,” and then a client will pull at some loose skin on some area of their body they deem their “trouble area.” There are over 600 muscles in the body and targeting one of them never works. You want to know what works? Performing functional movements with intensity!

5. Keep track of what you eat: don’t count calories, but rather take a picture of everything you eat each day. Skip the daily food log or journal. Writing things down with each recipe is too time consuming for most people and unsustainable. Rather, use simple tools instead like your Smartphone camera. Your phone is always available and it takes a second to snap a quick pic of your meals and snacks. Boom! You have a photo journal in working order for you to review. After all a picture is worth a 1,000 words, right? Try this out for a week and see the difference it makes in your nutrition.

6. Eat your veggies: vegetables are anti-estrogenic, which means they combat the fat storage hormone. Remember, Popeye ate his spinach!

7. Interval training: there is a reason Roger Bannister was the first man to break the Four Minute Mile–he was a busy medical student and had less than an hour to train a few days a week. He used interval training strategies to get the most out of the time he had. In doing so, he broke down barriers no one thought possible on such little training. How did he prove the naysayers wrong? By performing intervals at high intensities for maximum results. And best of all, you can use intervals in any sort of workout program from running to weightlifting to body weight exercises.

8. Sleep more: a bad trifecta happens to your hormones when you lose out on sleep: first your body is on high alert and thinks there is “danger,” or you would be sleeping. Your metabolism slows to conserve energy as a result. Second, your appetite increases due to the higher levels of cortisol in your system as you look for more energy (i.e. food). And third, you make food choices that produce serotonin to calm you down–the foods with high serotonin producing levels are high fat, high carb foods — that’s why you need to take a nap after you eat donuts.

9. Ditch the scale — take “selfies” to track progress: weigh scales can be a crutch to your progress. You all know by now that muscle weighs more than fat, so as your training escalates more your “weight” may change little, but the mirror, or camera, in this instance never lies. If you want to look your best, nothing does a better job of tracking your progress and keeping you accountable like a “selfie” in front of the mirror.

10. Skip the soda and alcoholI wrote an article called “The Hidden Perils of Your Liquid Diet,” a couple months ago. Since then, numerous people have given me great feedback on the easiest 10lbs they have ever lost! Don’t believe me? Try it out for yourself for a month; cut out the sodas, concentrated juices and alcohol and see the difference it makes.

If you make it through Labor Day following these methods, just imagine how great you would look and feel if you kept it up!? Looking and feeling your best is easy once you develop healthy habits like these. See you at the beach!